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Brand Identity, Art Direction, Web Design

120g is a cultural association based in Pisa and Florence (Italy) which promotes interdisciplinary cultural activities between architecture, visual arts and engineering.

Since 120g's foundation in late 2015, I took the direction of visual communications of the Association, developing its website and designing the majority of its visual products, both online and printed. 

120g's activities span into several fields, from exhibition design to  print design, it promotes cultural activities and organizes workshops, produces docu-films and support cultural events with media coverage: this incredible large and variegate range of activities translate in a challanging continuous effort to deliver the most coherent and visual complelling communication projects to tell their stories. 

Check out below all the projects I made for 120g.

Selected Works

IdentistoriesLogo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design, Illustration

Storie ItalianeBook Design

André Júlio TurquesaAlbum Design, Poster Design, Illustration

Affetti CollateraliBook Design

D1GITArt Direction, Editorial Design

DBLLogo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

HUB/ARTLogo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

Polittico Research LabPoster Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

Roberto Mariani ArchitettoExhibition Design, Art Direction

Genesis Lectures 2019Poster Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

LacunaEditorial Design

Diletta BagsLogo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design, Art Direction

TuscanynessBrand Identity

Centro NINALogo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

Genesis Lectures 2018Poster Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

Affetti DaLogo Design, Brand Identity

Pisa Botanical GardenLogo Design, Brand Identity

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