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Book Design
Gian-Carlo Iannella

Fifteen stories. A painful and sincere journey in the soul of women who have decided to tell their encounter with violence. Who saw their blood smeared the walls of their homes, their children and their families threatened, their dreams destroyed. Who faced with the ferocity of their man they fought with courage and pride. Almost always alone. Women of today. Women.

For the last work of Gian-Carlo Iannella, I designed both the jacket and the inside of the book, self-published in a 6"x9" paperback format. You can buy the book here or the ebook here.


The design aimed to clarify the narration structure, which alternates thoughts by the author, relevant quotes, interviews with experts, and fifteen interviews with women who faced the most brutal sides of a relationship with men.


The book is set in GT Alpina Regular with headings and cover artwork set in GT Alpina Condensed Medium, by Grilli Type.

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