A field guide to architecture

A field guide to architecture
Editorial Design
Cheng Ma

a field guide of architecture is booklet, a prêt-à-porter guide for a long trip through Italy and Switzerland, carefully crafted for 22 young chinese students exploring the architecture of these two countries.

The field guideaims to help the students to understand the history of each city and country they visit, synthetically and leaning to an architectural point of view; it’s a step-by-step guide: each monument, square and district they have planned to visit is described and analyzed in its pages, organized by the order of visit. Starting from Rome, passing through Tuscany with Florence, arriving to Switzerland through the Veneto Region in the north of Italy (with the Biennale of Venice too!). Main focus of the trip are Carlo Scarpa, Mario Botta and Peter Zumthor, with their careful attention to every particular and their renowned care to handcrafted details.

Printed on 200g/m2 recycled paper, 165x240mm final format.

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