Genesis Lectures 2019

Three posters for 2019’s edition of Genesis Lectures
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Genesis Lectures

Genesis organizes architectural lectures every year at Pisa University around a common theme, the genesis of the architectural process.

The uniqueness of the design genesis is bound to the moment of the intuition that often acts like a lightning in the storm of our thoughts. It seems to be matter of timing, of seizing the day.
And after the idea arrives, things get even more interesting: how much do you have to protect, safeguard and look after that idea? On the other hand, how much do you have to tweak, change or revolutionize it?
The genesis of a design is something complex, challenging, tangling and at the same time extraordinarily powerful. It is the inception and the very first step made by the architect in moulding the space. So, our questions are: How does a project begin? How much to modify or protect the initial idea? When do you stop?

Visit to keep updated on 2019's lectures — we just announced the guests!

Genesis Lectures’ 2019 edition website
Genesis Lectures’ 2019 edition website

The website features pictures of last conferences, as well biographies, photos and drawings from some of the most important project of the guest architects.

Giuseppe Tambellini draw all the portraits illustrations for this edition of Genesis Lectures.

Genesis Lectures’ 2019 edition website
Genesis Lectures 2019 2
Genesis Lectures 2019 3
Genesis Lectures 2019 4
Genesis Lectures 2019 5
Genesis Lectures 2019 Manifesto
Genesis Lectures 2019
Massimo Carmassi at Genesis Lectures 2019
ARX Portugal at Genesis Lectures 2019
Vector Architects at Genesis Lectures 2019

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