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HUB/ART Exhibition ltd

HUB/ART is an independent observatory dedicated to the multiple languages of contemporary art.

An exhibition space located in the south of Milan near the Prada Foundation and the new Fastweb headquarters, within the Interface HUB building, headquarter of Interface Facility Management company.

I redesigned the website and brand to mark the new autonomy and independence of the project as a spin-off of Interface: the gallery naming was Interface HUB/ART, and the evolution in HUB/ART (even for not losing all the web visibility and recognizability built in the last years) was pretty natural.

Before/After HUB/ART logotype
HUB/ART Business Cards

The website features an extensive use of  GT America Extended and GT Sectra Display, used both filled and outline. Big and bold uppercase letters are used outlined as wallpaper of each section of the pages to serve as title and to emphatize the parallax effect of the website; furthermore, the overlapping of these letters with the copy of titles and excerpts of the articles – which causes here and there a slight illegibility – "forces" the user to continuosly play and slightly scroll the the page, fostering  an active role of the reader.

HUB/ART website

The parallax effect and balanced animations of the elements enhances the usability and encurage the exploration of the website, which features both press releases of the exhibitions with pictures of the artpieces on display, and essays, interviews, critical texts and biographies of the authors.

The WHITE section of the homepage collects articles and news about the art and design worlds. Closes the page the "Author of the Month" section with a showcase of a selected artist, designer or illustrator's work.

HUB/ART website

While redesigning HUB/ART visuals, I developed a new format and visual style of the Gallery's exhibitions catalogues. The cover of each issue feature a fullsize picture of an artpiece of the exhibition on which is overlayered a vertical banner on the left, containing all the relevant informations.

The text is rotated by 90 degrees in order to optimize the space and allow the cover image to breathe, while having enough room to host even long titles, multiple rows and columns of info about the dates, venue and curators.

People And Things / Zino / HUB/ART exhibition

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