Roberto Mariani exhibition

Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Visual Identity
Museo della Grafica, Pisa

During summer 2016 120g designed the first exhibition of Pisa Graphic Museum with an architectural theme. "Roberto Mariani architetto. Senza clamore e dissonanze" was inaugurated September 30th and to lasted until November 30th, featuring more than 200 prints, pictures, architectural drawing and quotes about Mariani's work.

With a small team of members of the cultural association 120g, I developed the exhibition project from the firsts conceptual ideas up to the executive designs; I set the visual identity of the exhibition and coordinated the execution of the graphic works, as well producing all the visual comms to promote and spread the exhibition.

Pine wood elements were used throughout the exhibition as common material modulus. Pinned to these wooden strips — which run along the nine rooms of the Museum's first floor — the boards floats lightly detached from the walls.

The whole graphic design of the exhibition is consistent, playing with two font families: MTT Milano and PT Serif. The color palette is inspired by Goole Material Design, keeping the prints vibrant and endearing.

The exhibition has needed a visual comms system as well: posters, flyers, brochures and the online identity have been designed carefully to cover all the communication quests, both online and on printed supports. Here you can check out the digital version of the exhibition field guide.

Roberto Mariani architetto Brochure

We produced a short documentary as well: as part of the exhibition of the main room "Inside Pisa's Walls" the film displayed eight of the main Mariani's work in Pisa's territory.

Curious about the backstage? Have a look below!

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