André Júlio Turquesa

Album artwork, poster
André Júlio Turquesa

Theatrical, brave against all risks, absolutely unexpected, what he does is of the order of wonder. A lesson in maturity, in the breadth of resources and references, a celebration of the giant that can be a song. André no longer plays the guitar, he plays the multiple of a guitar, an instrument superlative that becomes a kind of infinite. I believe that this is what is at stake here, a stunning kind of infinite.

—Valter Hugo Mãe

I had the pleasure to work with André on his first solo concert poster "Camomila", and the following year on the whole design of his new album "Orgônio". Following an André's dream, I realized the digital collage that works as album cover, artwork for the posters and communication collaterals for the promotion of his album.

De Turquoise’s “Camomila” concert poster

Main artwork for the album


Second artwork for the album


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